Wednesday, February 9, 2011

'Pack' Synopsis

Here it is, my first attempt at the back-cover description of 'Pack', by Megan P. Haskell.

Hiking the Colorado mountains is a passion Laila Anders shares with her twin brother, Erik.  During a regular weekend backpacking trip, Laila is attacked by rogue wolves looking for an easy meal.  She's rescued, only to be kidnapped by her savior, a man with a dark secret and more in common with her attackers than she could imagine.  While Laila grapples with a new reality and searches for an escape, Erik searches for the sister he knows is still alive.  What they discover will test the strength of their bond and their perceptions of the world around them.  

Please note that the novel is currently under revision and there are no plans to publish it yet, so don't ask when it's coming out.  Otherwise, feel free to post comments!


  1. Sounds good, though I would avoid using words like "regular." When do I get to read some pages?!

  2. Good point...hadn't thought about that. As always, rethink and revise.

    As far as pages go...yeah, I need to send you some. I seem to let people read it in fits and spurts, unfortunately, and I've had so many drastic revisions, that I feel like it's not worthwhile to send out yet. But you are definitely on my beta readers list!

  3. Well, my first reaction was...wolves? Rogue bears or mountain lions are highly likely (I'm a Coloradoan), but wolves are neither likely to eat humans (in fact, they frequently save them) or as likely to bother a person in the Colorado mountains. Other than that, sounds veeeeeeery interesting. :)

  4. Hi airo25!

    Yes, they're not really wolves...they're werewolves. In fact, in the first chapter, Erik (who's an Environmental Science Grad Student and nature hobbyist) explains that wolves aren't likely to attack.

    That being said, I had hoped in the description to hint at werewolves without outright saying it, simply for dramatic suspense. The book is about Laila's discovery of her condition, and transition to a new life...but I think I need to spell it out a little clearer. :)

    Thanks for the feedback! And I checked out your site...thanks for the link as well! It sounds like you're pretty prolific. This novel represents my fourth start of a novel-length work, and I really love the idea and the story, so that's why I'm determined to finish it.

    I hope you like my blog and will stick around! I'm always looking for new friends!


  5. Yeppers. I'm here to stay. Bookmarked you under my "Always Read" blogs to follow. :grins: And yeah, makes so much more sense now that I know werewolves are involved.