Monday, May 3, 2010

The Beginning

I've been actively writing fiction now for more than a year.  Not that anything's been published yet, but hey - you have to start somewhere right?  So this particular story begins sometime in January, 2009.

After whining and complaining for months that I wanted to write, my wonderfully supportive husband, Adam, encouraged me to start with a blog.  Not this one.  No, I had another blog that I refuse to think about, because even though I started it, I only posted three times.  It was a blog on gardening, and I found that while I enjoyed being out in the garden and thinking about the garden and reading other people's blogs about gardening, I had no desire to write about gardening.  I had nothing original to say. 

However, the process got me thinking about what I did want to write about.  In the summer months I realized that I should write what I read; primarily urban fantasy and science fiction.  We bought some plain ol' spiral bound notebooks and I set off to use my daily commute more productively.  A few ideas were rolling around in my head for stories that I wanted to read, but no one had written.  The words appeared in my little notebook, and each night I transcribed them into my computer. 

To save me some time, and end the new round of whining about having to do everything twice, Adam bought me a netbook for my birthday last December.  I told you he was incredibly supportive.  The little laptop is small enough and light enough that I can use it on the train, plus it has a solid-state hard drive and a battery that can last 9 hours between charges so it's incredibly convenient to carry practically everywhere.  It is my super sexy writing computer. 

Now that I have the tools I need and I'm getting serious about my writing, I've decided to start a new blog that will chronicle my progress, discoveries, challenges, and (hopefully) my triumphs as I attempt to write a novel and ultimately navigate the publishing world.  For my wonderful family and friends who are supporting and encouraging me, I hope that this helps you keep track of what I'm doing.  For new-comers, followers, and soon-to-be friends, I hope that you enjoy reading what I have to share and learning along with me.

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