Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Writer's Digest Contest

I am entering a new phase of my creative writing career.  I'm actually going to let someone outside of my family read my work!!  GASP!!!!

Writer's Digest runs a short short story contest for each issue of its magazine.  The winner receives...da da da money.  BUT the winning story will be published in the next issue of the magazine, which makes it worthwhile.  The story is limited to 750 words, which is a challenge in and of itself.  Here's the prompt for May:

Your Story #26: Bloody Knife in Your Hand
You wake up to find a dead body on the floor—and a bloody knife in your hands. You can't remember exactly what happened, so you piece together the clues.

After the contest is complete, I'll post my story - Reflections - up here  for you all to read too.  I can't post it before then though; I don't want to violate the rules of the contest, which give WD first time publishing rights.

Wish me luck!

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