Thursday, May 26, 2011

Irresistably Sweet Blog Award

This morning, I woke to find a comment on my blog from Catherine Pawsey, an aspiring paranormal romance writer blogging at The Diary of a Trainee Paranormal Romance Writer.  She awarded my blog the Irresistably Sweet Award!

Thank you Catherine!!

It's wonderful to know that my blog is being read and enjoyed by people outside my immediate circle of friends and family.  Despite my Google Analytics stats (which really aren't very good, but do show that people are visiting the site) I always wonder if anyone cares what I put up here.  I hope so!  But in the end, Ranting, Raving, Writing is a means for me to share my thoughts and experiences.  I want people to read, learn, and participate, but that's the joy of the internet: people can easily ignore the idiot standing on the soapbox if they're not interested!

In any case, the rules of this award are as follows:
  1. Thank and link to the person that nominated you. 
  2. Share 7 random facts about yourself.
  3. Pass the award to 15 of your blogging buddies.
  4. Notify the recipients. 
I realize this is a bit like a chain letter, but so what?  Maybe you all will learn a bit more about me, and some of you might actually find that interesting!

My seven facts:
  1. I love to garden, and this year have planted a ton of veggies.  So far, they're all doing really well, but only the cherry tomatoes have started to fruit.
  2. I've cut out my coffee addiction, at most drinking one latte a week (it was a daily or even twice daily habit).
  3. Instead of coffee, I now drink herbal tea most mornings.  I especially like chamomile and lemon teas, with a bit of honey to sweeten them up.
  4. I love wine.  A good sauvignon blanc on a warm evening, or a fantastic cab with a prime steak is divine.  Seriously, drink of the gods.  :-)
  5. I've had laser eye surgery, but my vision still isn't perfect.  At least I don't run into walls anymore when I'm not wearing glasses or contacts.
  6. I have a dog, named Foster, that is currently at "summer camp" in Colorado (spending time with my mom).
  7. I would love to own chickens.  My city allows them, but right now I just don't have the time to care for them properly and Foster might try to eat them (he's an 80 pound husky mix).
So that's it.  I hope you learned a little more about me, and enjoyed reading this post.  Comments and questions are always welcome! 

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  1. I just learned something new about you, Mrs. Meg! For what it's worth, I can give you insight into owning chickens, as my family owned chickens for many years before they were "sent off to summer camp" (i.e., sold to some family friends to be made into chicken dinners).

    We had two chickens: Rusty and Audrey. Yes, references to the Chevy Chase classic, "Vacation." They were AWESOME. We built a small chicken coup--probably 15x6 with an egg laying house approx six feet wide at the far end. They produced practically every day and we had lots and lots of eggs. We only got rid of them because once we let the chickens out during my brother's birthday party and they pecked one of our friend. I have a feeling my parents got a little worried about safety and sent the chickens down the river, so to speak.

    Long story short, they were great to have, take very little maintenance, and require even less space than you'd think (and before anyone gets all "free range chicken" on me, we let them out of their coops--which are still much larger than traditional "non-free range" farming coops--very regularly).