Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Blog Design

For those of you who visit the site directly, this should be pretty obvious, but for those that read my blog in Google Reader or another application, click on the link to check out the new blog design.  I'll wait.

So what do you think?  I tried to make the theme fit Pack a little bit better, though I'll admit, I still used Blogger's design templates.

Pack takes place in the Colorado mountains, in the summertime, so I wanted a background that was at least reminiscent of the woods and mountains.  This was the best Blogger had to offer in that regard, but the trees aren't quite right, I know.  Someday, when I have more time, I'll put a real Colorado background up there so that it's accurate.

The layout is different too, with the gadgets on the right instead of the left.  I thought that would make it a little cleaner and easier to read.  I'm not sure that it makes much difference, but maybe this is more blog standard?  I like it anyway.

I do have one question though...if I were to break the posts in the middle, so that you have to click a link to go to the specific post page rather than being able to read three entire posts on the main page, would you be irritated?  I'm wishy-washy on the idea:

  1. Negative Reader Irritation: Sometimes people don't like to click the link to keep reading.  This is especially true, I think, of anyone reading my posts in Google Reader or another application, instead of directly on my blog page.  I don't want to do anything that would keep readers away from the content.
  2. Positive Stat Tracking: I'm a nerd, and I like numbers.  I have an application on the blog that lets me track the visits to each page.  Putting in a break would give me better data on the popular posts and the actual number of readers interested in the content.
What do you think?  Would a break detract from the reading experience?  Or, is it worth it if I can get better data about the popular posts?  Am I just a big nerd and the data isn't that important anyway, since I'm a fiction writer?

Comments and suggestions are welcome!


  1. I see your stuff on Google Buzz and it only shows the first part, with no way to expand the post. That would be nice if there was an option for that (like there is with other links).

    In google reader I really prefer not to have to click on a link to read it, but the things I read tend to be that way, so I deal with it. Also, the ipad Reedability app will try to import the text into the app, so you don't have to clik on it, and that is pretty nice.

  2. Hey Kristen! Good to know. I didn't even realize it was going through Buzz, so I'll take a look into what's going on there. There has to be a way to expand or link back or something. Hmmm...

  3. Also, the app is called Reeder, turns out, and I will I could fix my typos up there!

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